IRP XMRV Working Group, from left: Vineet KewalRamani, Ph.D., head, Model Development Section, DRP (NCI); Rachel Bagni, Ph.D., Molecular Detection and Viral Technology, PEL (SAIC-Frederick); Jeffrey Lifson, M.D., director, ACVP (SAIC-Frederick); Alan Rein, Ph.D., head, Retrovirus Assembly Section, DRP (NCI); James Hartley, Ph.D., head, Technology Development, PEL (SAIC-Frederick); Mary Kearney, Ph.D., head, Translational Research, DRP (NCI); and Stuart Le Grice, Ph.D., head, RT Biochemistry Section, DRP

In July 2012, members of a multidisciplinary research team of both SAIC-Frederick and NCI Center for Cancer Research scientists were recognized with the NIH Director’s Award for their outstanding work to rapidly evaluate a potential threat to the nation’s blood supply.