HIV plays a direct role in causing blood cell cancers in rare instances, says a new study of HIV and tumor DNA.…

The spike protein critical for coronavirus research -- and for some COVID-19 vaccines -- slowly…

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Research Team Finds TTK Inhibitor Kills Lung Cancer Cells and Tumors in Mice

Posted 12/12/2019
FREDERICK, Md. -- High levels of the enzyme tyrosine threonine kinase (TTK) in many types of cancer cells, including lung cancer, contribute to uncontrolled cell growth. A study published by Frederick National Laboratory Director Ethan Dmitrovsky, M.D. and his laboratory team demonstrated that a promising anti-TTK treatment that acts against many of those types of cancer cells…

FNL’s Hyun Jung Takes First Place at Medical Imaging Grand Challenge

Posted 12/10/2019
FREDERICK, Md. – Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research’s medical imaging expertise received the highest rating at a recent grand challenge for pathology that featured nearly 1,000 competitors from around the world.

Hyun Jung, Ph.D., a bioinformatics analyst, won first place in both parts of the Pathology AI Platform Challenge (PAIP 2019). The event,…

Natural Products Library Designed to Boost Discovery of Earthly Compounds

Posted 12/8/2019
FREDERICK, Md. -- Tree bark, microbes, and mold are not simply the stuff you rake in the back yard and track in on the bottom of your shoes. They just might be a treatment for a rare disease.

Products found in nature gave rise to some of our most familiar and relied-upon therapies including some antibiotics and decongestants and aspirin. There may be another…

Ethan Dmitrovsky: X Factor

Posted 11/20/2019
"While medicine, like physics, uses probability to help solve its problems, only medicine includes the human element as a factor in its calculations."

Ethan Dmitrovsky, M.D., laboratory director of the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research and president of Leidos Biomedical Research, recently published a story in Pulse: Voices From the…

New Method for HPV Detection Measures Up to Leading-Edge Techniques

Posted 11/14/2019
FREDERICK, Md. -- Scientists at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, the National Cancer Institute, and other collaborating institutions have demonstrated that their recently developed technique for detecting human papillomavirus (HPV) in patient samples performs comparably to existing gold-standard methods.

The group validated the technique,…

A Cellular Messenger Protein Calmodulin Can Keep KRAS Away from Membranes Where it Begins its Cascade to Form Cancer

Posted 10/24/2019
FREDERICK, Md. -- A study defining how an oncogenic protein gets removed from its active spot may offer new ways to target unwanted cell growth, a hallmark of cancer.

KRAS is a membrane-binding protein that functions as a molecular switch to regulate cellular activity, and is the most frequently mutated oncogene in human cancer. Normal KRAS controls cell growth…

More Than Two Years in, National Cryo-EM Facility is Gaining Ground

Posted 10/7/2019
FREDERICK, Md. -- Ulrich Baxa, Ph.D., and his team are helping to move a microscope the size of a minivan.

The behemoth, a Titan Krios, is making the 29-mile trek from a Gaithersburg, Maryland, laboratory to its new home at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research. It’s a highly-sensitive, $7 million device being relocated across a greater…

New Partnership with University of Delaware Aims at Pushing the Limits of High-Performance Computing for Cancer Research

Posted 9/10/2019
FREDERICK, Md. -- High-performance computing and other data science technologies are enabling critical inroads in cancer research. However, bringing together the necessary computing and cancer biology expertise to effectively leverage these technologies is a challenge—a challenge that a new partnership between the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research and the…

Treatment Manufactured at FNL Proves Promising in Ebola Clinical Study While FNL Research Teams Advance the Trial Behind the Scenes

Posted 9/2/2019
FREDERICK, Md. -- Just 48 hours after an Ebola clinical trial in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was stopped early because two therapies appeared to significantly reduce patients’ fatality rates, two Frederick National Laboratory staff members boarded a plane to help with the next step.

Meanwhile, the national laboratory’s Vaccine Clinical Materials…

Frederick National Laboratory and Purdue University Establish Biomedical Research Collaboration

Posted 8/27/2019
FREDERICK, Md. – Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research has launched a partnership with Purdue University that aims to enhance and accelerate research initiatives, technological innovation, and workforce development in the biomedical sciences.

The two-year memorandum of understanding between Frederick National Laboratory (FNL) and Purdue University…

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