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On December 6, FCC and FNL leaders met to sign a new memorandum of understanding to outlines areas of possible partnerships.

The Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (FNL) signed a new memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Frederick Community College (FCC) to establish a closer partnership to support the future science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) workforce in Frederick.  

“As a scientific organization, we are eager to connect with and inspire the next generation of STEM professionals,” said FNL Director Ethan Dmitrovsky, M.D. “We are proud members of the Frederick community and look forward to engaging with Frederick Community College faculty to enhance both FCC and FNL.”

FNL and FCC have connected in many instances in the past. This MOU summarizes the common areas of partnerships. In particular, the focus is to give back to students, faculty, and the community, which stems from FNL and FCC’s mutual mission to serve the public interest.  

“This is an exciting opportunity for Frederick Community College to partner with the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, which performs cutting-edge research and work in the areas of biomedical science and technology to improve human health,” said Tony D. Hawkins, Ph.D., FCC provost/executive vice president for Academic Affairs, Continuing Education, and Workforce Development. “We look forward to future collaborations that will benefit both of our institutions and our community through a variety of initiatives, including augmenting student training through hands-on internships and enhancing professional development opportunities for our faculty.”

The FCC motto is “Avec progres marchons en avant,” meaning “Let us move forward with progress.” Dr. Dmitrovsky noted this motto also aligns with FNL’s goals, and by working together, both institutions will be better able to serve the public interest and Frederick Community in particular. Through this partnership, FNL hopes to provide local students the opportunity to do impactful work in the biomedical field and provide professional development opportunities for FCC faculty.  

Dr. Dmitrovsky highlighted how higher education opens the door to passion and interests, which is where FNL could be a pathway. FNL is eager to inspire STEM professionals in the Frederick community.

This agreement marks the 17th MOU the FNL has signed in the past five years to support student training opportunities, faculty exchanges, collaborative events, and other collaborative opportunities.

Group photo
Left to right:
Dr. Ethan Dmitrovsky, FNL President and Laboratory Director
Mr. Tom Lynch, Chair of the FCC Board of Trustees
Dr. Sandy McCombe Waller, FCC Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs/Dean of Health, Business, Technology & Science
Dr. Leonard Freedman, FNL Chief Science Officer
Dr. Tony Hawkins, FCC Provost/Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Continuing Education, and Workforce Development
Dr. Maggie Scully, FNL Partnership Development Manager, Partnership Development Office
Dr. Vladimir Popov, FNL Director of Partnership Development, Partnership Development Office
Dr. Thomas Powell, FCC Interim President