Instituto Nacional de Cancerologìa (National Cancer Institute of Mexico)

FREDERICK, Md. -- The Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research will extend its scientific mentoring across international borders for the first time by offering postdoctoral research fellowships to scientists under an agreement with the National Cancer Institute of Mexico (INCan).

Under a three-year Memorandum of Understanding, the two institutions will cooperatively develop and launch a pilot program that will provide education and training in areas of mutual interest in cancer research.

INCan will recruit eligible candidates from within its own ranks and provide associated financial support. The Frederick National Laboratory will identify participating laboratories and advisors for fellowship training opportunities at its facilities in the United States.

“As a national laboratory, we operate in the public interest to do the science that will ultimately benefit cancer patients and their families,” said Ethan Dmitrovsky, M.D., laboratory director for the Frederick National Laboratory and president of Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc., the laboratory’s prime contractor. “It is part of our mission to share our knowledge and technologies with other organizations who have similar goals in cancer research.”

INCan is a public health organization that gives specialized medical care to cancer patients, with a focus on disadvantaged Mexican populations. 

"For our Institute it is very important to collaborate with institutions that are dedicated to innovate and generate knowledge. We are convinced that this is the way to make a transforming contribution to the future of cancer research: Focusing on the training of expert researchers who have the opportunity to learn from those who are the spearhead in the study of cancer," said Dr. Luis A. Herrera, Director of Research at INCan.

About the National Cancer Institute of Mexico

The National Cancer Institute is Mexico’s largest institution that conducts cancer research, provides high standard medical care to cancer patients, and trains specialists in all areas of cancer research. INCan provides care to patients not entitled to social security, from all over the country, with a multidisciplinary approach in the process of diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and follow-up. INCan is one of the National Institutes of Health coordinated by the Ministry of Health of Mexico.

Frederick National Laboratory / INCan joint news release.

Image: National Cancer Institute of Mexico, public domain image