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CHICAGO – Frederick National Laboratory researchers will present their work across a range of cancer research topics including genomics, precision medicine, and molecular characterization at the annual meeting of the world’s leading clinical oncology organization.

The 2019 ASCO Annual Meeting in Chicago is expected to bring together more than 32,000 oncology professionals from around the globe. Each year, the conference features leading cancer experts who share the latest clinical cancer research affecting patient care. 

Thirteen abstracts by FNL investigators will be presented at poster sessions and oral presentations at the meeting, which runs from May 31-June 4. An abstract about RAS-driven colorectal cancer is being presented electronically. 

Scientists from FNL’s Molecular Characterization Laboratory will share their work to clinically validate a blood-based test that is capable of identifying minute amounts of circulating tumor DNAThis work could have implications for future use of liquid biopsies in a clinical setting, which are thought to have many advantages over tumor biopsies, currently the norm for detecting and obtaining information about cancer.  

FNL researchers will also share their work with the National Cancer Institute’s Patient-Derived Models Repository, which was designed to facilitate preclinical drug effectiveness studies. Frederick National Laboratory staff perform genetic sequencing and study the structure of tissues of models in the repository. 

Molecular Characterization Laboratory scientists, along with colleagues from the National Cancer Institute and other institutions, will update the cancer research community about NCI-MATCH, a precision medicine clinical trial that aims to assign cancer treatment to patients based on the genetic changes found in their tumors. 

For a complete list of FNL abstracts being presented at the meeting, visit the ASCO website.

By Max Cole, staff writer

Image: Chicago skyline. Image by Pixabay