An innovation hub

The Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research is home to several national scientific initiatives focused on high-priority topics and research goals. We conduct scientific research, develop and leverage specialized technology, and provide project management and collaborator coordination to advance the effort. The National Cancer Institute tasks the Frederick National Laboratory to take on critical projects that others cannot readily do.  

These initiatives bring together experts from the Frederick National Laboratory, the National Institutes of Health, and academic partners. The efforts reflect a broader mission in advancing the biomedical sciences, whether responding to new epidemics, searching for new cancer therapies, or establishing and sharing best practices for research reproducibility.  

RAS Initiative

The National Cancer Institute RAS Initiative endeavors to better understand the RAS oncogene and discover its vulnerabilities to treat RAS-related cancers. 

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Serological Sciences Network

The National Cancer Institute’s Serological Sciences Network (SeroNet) is the nation’s largest coordinated effort to study the immune response to COVID-19 and increase the nation’s antibody testing capacity.  

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Standards References and Training Research Committee

The Standards References and Training Research Committee (STAR TREC) is a central hub to develop, deposit, and share standards and references in biological research. 

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