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Proposal Due Date Friday, August 12, 2022 (Closed 1 month 1 week ago)
  • Research Category Commercial Goods/Services
  • Solicitation Number M23-112
  • NCI OA Contract Number 75N91019D00024 – NCI-FFRDC


Good afternoon,

Seeing if you can provide pricing for the Service Maintenance Agreement on the 71/ea pieces of Agilent Technologies’ lab equipment for the effective dates of 10/1/22 – 9/30/23 at our Frederick, Rockville, and Gaithersburg, MD sites.

Refill, NMR Helium 400-MR C128407a Varian
Spectrophotometer, NMR 400-MR SA61156 Agilent
Pump, Binary HPLC G1312B DE63058960 Agilent
Spectrometer, Mass G6520A US81720257 Agilent
Pump, HPLC G1311A DE62976715 Agilent
Pump, HPLC G1311A DE03011148 Agilent
Pump, HPLC G1311A DE03011150 Agilent
Pump, Quaternary G1311B DEABI01935 Agilent
Pump, Quaternary G1311A DE91608035 Agilent
Spectrophotometer, UV-VIS 8453 CN22806253 Agilent
Pump, HPLC G1311B DEAB706501 Agilent
Pump, HPLC G1311B DEAB706497 Agilent
System, HPLC Solvent Delivery 210 01018 Agilent
Detector, Mass Selective G6130B SG133335101 Agilent
System, Liquid Handling BRAVO SRT SGS138BLH41201 Agilent
Pump, HPLC G1311A DE14916826 Agilent
Pump G1311B DEAB709548 Agilent
Pump G1311B DEAB709432 Agilent
Pump, HPLC G1311A DE62974622 Agilent
HPLC G1311A DE62962839 Agilent
HPLC G1311A DE60556640 Agilent
Station, Tape 2200 03-PM937NA Agilent
Pump, HPLC G1311B DEAB712007 Agilent
Detector, Diode Array G4212B DEAA307114 Agilent
Pump, Binary G1312A DE43618540 Agilent
Collector, Fraction G1364C DE63056980 Agilent
Spectrometer, Mass G6410B Triple Quadrupole US91611279 Agilent
Station, Tape 4200 DEDAA00372 Agilent
Pump, Quaternary G5611A DEAB600850 Agilent
System, LCMS Single Quad Valve Line G6120B SG14124106 Agilent
Pump, HPLC G4220A DEBAA05821 Agilent
System, LCMS Single Quad Valve Line G6120B SG16344102 Agilent
Spectrophotometer 8454 DE17180001 Agilent
Spectrophotometer 8454 DE14110002 Agilent
Spectrometer, Mass Q-TOF SG1719E101 Agilent
Spectrometer 8454 MY18410005 Agilent
Detector, Mass Selective G6125C SG1835N102 Agilent
Spectrometer, Mass TOF 6230 SG18040101 Agilent
System, Liquid Handling BRAVO NGS SG1850B004 Agilent
Pump, Binary 1200 DE63056485 Agilent
Bioanalyzer XFE24 US421122 Agilent
System, Liquid Handling BRAVO NGS SG1914B005 Agilent
Centrifuge, Microplate G5582A SG1913H001 Agilent
Pump, HPLC G1311A DE91606362 Agilent
Pump, HPLC G1311A DE62963175 Agilent
Pump, HPLC G1311A DE62963177 Agilent
Pump, HPLC G1311A DE62975087 Agilent
Pump, HPLC G5611A DEABH00133 Agilent
Pump, HPLC G4220A DE92901138 Agilent
Spectrometer 630 FTIR MY13110034 Cary
Pump, Quaternary G7111B DEAEW05405 Agilent
Sealer, Microplate PLATELOC SG1946A109 Agilent
Pump, HPLC G7111A DEAEZ02678 Agilent
Station, Tape 4200 DEDAA03517 Agilent
Pump, HPLC G1311A DE91607675 Agilent
Pump, HPLC G7120A DEBA204296 Agilent
Bioanalyzer 2100 DEDAE01508 Agilent
Bioanalyzer 2100 DEDAE02000 Agilent
Bioanalyzer 2100 DE13806164 Agilent
Bioanalyzer 2100 DEDAE00299 Agilent
Bioanalyzer 2100 DE72902979 Agilent
Station, Tape 4150 DEDAB01138 Agilent
Bioanalyzer 2100 DE72902293 Agilent
Bioanalyzer 2100 DE13804901 Agilent
System, Capillary Electrophoresis FEMTO PULSE F12269 Agilent
Spectrometer, Mass Q-TOF SG2102E203 Agilent
Station, Tape 4200 DEDAA00104 Agilent
Station, Tape 4200 DEDAA00645 Agilent
Station, Tape 4200 DEDAA00570 Agilent
Station, Tape 4200 DEDAA03521 Agilent
Bioanalyzer 2100 DEDAE02527 Agilent

Proposal Instructions

Please contact me for additional information and for submitting a proposal.

Matt Tinsworth
Strategic Buyer
Phone: 301-846-1359
Fax: 301-846-5311

Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research
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