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Kathleen Igo - Manager I, Technical Writing

Kathleen Igo

Manager I, Technical Writing [It] was an unexpected opportunity and a rewarding experience, and it remains a treasured memory.

Directorate: Clinical Research Program

Department or lab: Clinical Monitoring Research Program (CMRP)

How many years have you worked at the Frederick National Laboratory? I am in my 7th year of employment.

Job responsibilities: I work with the other technical/medical writers in our program to prepare official reports and newsletters, facilitate professional reviews of publications and presentations, manage contract reporting requirements, support protocol reviews, and provide general writing/editing services to program members and government customers. Several of my responsibilities revolve around ensuring standard documentation methods, providing guidance on complex technical documents, assisting program area functional leads, and supporting special projects.

Accomplishment at the Frederick National Laboratory that you are most proud of: There are two things that come to mind, one of which is specifically tied to my normal role at work and another that was more outside the box.

1) For several years, I supported the NCI Community Cancer Centers Program (NCCCP). Our group managed the network of community cancer centers, and, when the program ended in 2014, I prepared a comprehensive “chronicle” documenting the program’s history and accomplishments.

2) In 2015, I participated in CMRP’s response to the emergency Ebola clinical research initiatives in West Africa and made two trips to Liberia to help with on-the-ground logistics and high-level meetings. The exposure to research in action, support of a global health priority, and interactions both with many folks I don’t typically work with and the local Liberians (professionals collaborating on the project, Ebola survivors, and the general population) was an unexpected opportunity and a rewarding experience, and it remains a treasured memory. 

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