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Christianna Culpepper

About My Job

For Christianna Culpepper, Senior Business Analyst for the Acquisition Operations team in the Purchasing Department, working at the Frederick National Laboratory (FNL) with passionate and hardworking people inspires her to do her best in helping further the mission. She could not ask for a better team! Culpepper joined the team five years ago when she started her first official job as a subcontractor for Leidos Biomedical Research, which operates the FNL.  

How did you become interested in your line of work, and what drew you to the Frederick National Laboratory?

I became interested in government/government contractor work through my father. He has been a HR Manager for many government agencies including: NIST, NRC, and HHS. He values treating his teams with respect and delegating effectively to maximize people’s strengths. I respect his knack for turning bad HR situations around for the better.

I became interested in becoming part of a team that could do the same; approach difficult situations with aplomb and utilize individual team member strengths to further our goals.

What is one thing you enjoy about working at the Frederick National Laboratory?

I have always said that at least 50 percent of job satisfaction is made up of the job environment. You can have the best job ever and still dread going to work if you do not enjoy the environment. What I enjoy about working at FNL is that the environment is a fantastic one. The people I work with have always come across as passionate, hardworking individuals who genuinely care about the projects they support. This sense of purpose is infectious and inspires me to do my best in helping to further FNL’s mission.

What accomplishment(s) at the Frederick National Laboratory are you most proud of?

When I first started editing Purchasing Department documents, I noticed they were distributed across several locations. I saw that documents might be updated on one website, but not another. This could clearly cause confusion to users.


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