Molecular Technologies

Is an integrated, high-throughput molecular biology laboratory focusing on the development of genetics and genomics technologies, together with associated laboratory automation systems, data analysis, and information management tools. The laboratory develops integrated strategies using multiple technology platforms that maximize the value of clinical samples and lead to the identification of pathways, genes, or gene products involved in the development of disease, as well as the assembly of genetic or expression profiles for the identification of prognostic and diagnostic indicators.


Next Generation Sequencing

Providing high-throughput sequencing technologies to identify single nucleotide polymorphisms, insertions and deletions, and copy number or structural variations. Researchers are provided access to the latest technologies, Illumina, SOLiD, PacBio RS, SOLiD , IonTorrent and Roche/454, with variety of options for NGS library preparations, consultation and Q&A services available throughout the design and execution of sequencing projects. There is also a customized assay design for all types of qPCR assays.