Biomedical Computing


The Advanced Biomedlical Computing Center (ABCC) provides bioinformatics expertise in analysis of genomics, proteomics, molecular modeling, microarray, application and database development, database integration, data and laboratory information management (LIMS) and data mining.



The Imaging and Visualization Group accelerates basic research at the Frederick National Lab by conducting technology development in image analysis, bioinformatics visualization, computing infrastructures and services to ease data sharing, reduce duplicate efforts, and increase collaboration.

Scientific Web Programming

We provide scientific web application development supporting the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) scientists and staff. The group focuses on web-enablement of scientific applications and easy to use user interfaces for databases and portals.

Simulation, Analysis & Modeling

The Simulation, Analysis, and Modeling (SAM) group maintains expertise in Computational Chemistry; from modeling full proteins, examining protein-ligand interactions, predicting absorption and emission spectra from fluorescent proteins, calculating low-energy conformations of flexible nanoparticles, and accurately determining reaction profiles for the formation and release of drugs in cancer research.