The Visiting Scholars Program (VSP) is a unique opportunity for scientists to access the intellectual capital and state-of-the-art facilities of the only federal national laboratory in the United States devoted exclusively to biomedical research, the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research.

Venn Diagram showing the relationship between the VSP, Technology Development, Research and Development Partnerships, and Career Enhancements

Consistent with our training mission, we are seeking mid-career or established investigators, either within or outside the cancer research community. The duration and purpose of the visit to the Frederick National Laboratory can vary, but it is intended to facilitate collaboration or enhance career development. The engagement at the Frederick National Laboratory may be part of a research effort to address persistent barriers that have long impeded progress against cancer and AIDS. Or the purpose could be tied to addressing new challenges, such as those posed by the NCI Director's Provocative Questions.

Visiting scholars will be integrated with teams of scientists at the Frederick National Laboratory who:

  • support basic studies in the biological mechanisms of cancer and AIDS;
  • conduct translational research leading to new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches; and
  • advance preclinical studies leading to first-in-human clinical trials.

We encourage scientists to explore our Visiting Scholar Opportunities and submit an Expression of Interest.